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Limited Orthodontic Treatment:

Occlusal Guard (bite splint)

  • Horse shoe shape appliance worn on upper arch
  • Great for the typical night grinder or clencher
  • Stops the progress of more wear on your teeth

NTI Appliance

  • Worn on either upper or lower front teeth
  • Takes pressure off back teeth and also off your TMJ
  • Mouth is slightly open to stop the clencher/grinder from doing damage on teeth
  • Relieves TMJ (joint) pressure and Temporal (forehead) headaches from clenching

Essex Retainer / Appliance

  • Worn on upper orĀ  lower arch
  • Worn anywhere from overnight to 24/ 7
  • Relieves TMJ pain, headaches, muscle tension, ear congestion and more
  • Correct issues with your bite