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Bad Breath Treatment

Halitosis (also known as bad breath) is caused by bacteria in the mouth breaking down and creating a sulfur toxin (volatile sulfur compounds-VCS’s), which omit a bad odor.

The bacterium that initiates this process needs an environment that is oxygen free such as pockets around teeth and fissures on the tongue.

There are however, other causes of bad breath, such as smoking, dry mouth and certain foods such as garlic. In addition, certain systemic factors can cause bad breath as well such as diabetes, sinus or GI problems. Therefore, a medical examination is always recommended in addition to an oral and periodontal exam by a dentist.


Since we know that bacteria are the culprit behind bad breath, the first action taken is to rid the mouth of the bacteria. We may recommend a regular cleaning or in more advanced cases, a “deep cleaning” also known as scaling and root planning may be recommended. Scaling and root planning is a non-surgical procedure that allows the dentist to remove the bacteria ridden plague and tartar from deep below the pockets around the teeth. Special instruments are used to rid the plaque and tartar from the teeth and the root surfaces are than smoothed to avoid more plaque build up.

In addition, we may recommend liquid anti-bacterial agents to irrigate the pockets around the teeth in addition to scaling and root planning. An anti-bacterial mouth rinse also may be recommended for at home use.